The Dudley Files, Cary Robinson’s first novel, will certainly not be his last. It is smart, funny, and charming. Anyone who loves Texas will love The Dudley Files.

-Kinky Friedman

This book is cleverly written and made me laugh. The author has a very funny way of looking at life, especially through the eyes of a dog (or how he imagines a dog would).


A very clever book by a very clever dog (and man). Dudley should be head of The Department of Justice. And an endorsement by The Kinkster was all I needed…


Great read! The characters in this book are so concrete and real! Not only was I consistently laughing throughout the entire book, I learned a great deal from the references about Texas. This is a story you will not believe until you read it. So, if you like trivia, pets, witty humor, and mysteries, this book is perfect for you.


Good book. Funny story and a great mystery solved as you get a neat tour of Houston and an in depth look into Careless and Dudley’s lives. I have to give it a 4-1/2 stars out of 5 actually, I’m deducting the half-star because it doesn’t include a picture of the beautiful E.D. nor a soundbite from Jake Harm and The Holdouts. Get it soon. I loved it.


What a fun book! Even though I am not from Houston, I totally enjoyed all of the “Houston” references. This author is very engaging. You won’t want to put this book down. Dudley is the man!


Easy to read. Very enjoyable. Would recommend it to all. A must for any dog lover. I personally like the humor and the insight the author has about Houston, Texas. Makes me want to move.


Anyone, especially anyone who has ever had a dog, will absolutely love this book. I am not a native Houstonian, yet I learned so much about the city, that I have lived in for the last 33 years!! The author writes in such a creative, humorous way, that you can’t put it down. You really feel like you could be one of the characters in the story. I recommend it highly. Check out The Dudley Files on facebook and you will see that even my dog read it!! The nice-looking Shepherd! Enjoy!


This is a clear example of the human-animal bond…a mutually beneficial and dynamic realtionship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well being of both. This bond is made real by Cary Robinson and his dog Dudley in this book that includes sensitivity, humor, and gentle compassion.

-L.D. Eckermann DVM

This was a different kind of book, now when I say different I mean it in a very good way! There were so many things that made the story a standout read. I don’t think I have ever read a story where a man and a dog had such an interesting relationship. The author also shares tidbits of information about Houston that flowed easily within the story, which allowed me to learn a bit about the city. As an animal lover I fell in love with Dudley, and loved that he was an adopted shelter dog. His funny antics, such as driving a truck, shredding a sofa, or the way he acted around the neighbor E.D. were just hilarious.

Cary Robinson also known as Careless lives alone in the Big Rock Lofts in Houston, Texas. An unusual character to say the least, he enjoys iced coffee, with a shot of Jack. He has a way with women–not–but that doesn’t stop him from trying. He thinks he is happy living alone, but his friend Birk decides that Careless needs to adopt a dog, and that’s when the fun begins. Careless adopts a big hound dog named Dudley from The SPCA and the two become inseparable. The antics of Careless and Dudley are often funny, that is until they are asked to help solve a mystery involving a country singer. It will take Dudley’s nose to figure out the mystery!

The author weaves a tale wagging read, full of interesting characters that literally jump off the page. Careless was such a funny character, but he also had a few serious moments. I loved the relationship that sorta developed with the new neighbor E.D. The names that she called Careless was priceless. Birk was a larger than life “redneck” who loved zooming around in his Cowboy Cadillac, and I have to mention Sarge, such an oddball character that fit into the story perfectly.

I thought the mystery, which actually only encompassed the last third of the book, was very well done, and the ending left me hoping that this might be the first in a long line of books featuring Dudley, Careless, and the gang. Anyone who enjoys a very well written story, where one of the primary characters is a dog will fall in love with this book, but if you enjoy a fast paced plot, wacky, but lovable characters, along with interesting glimpses of Houston then you’re going to want to read this one as well.

-Brenda/Readers Favorite