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About the Book

A young man nicknamed Careless by his friends (although he claims to have no friends) is coerced, then seduced, into a life partnership with a big golden-colored hound dog named Dudley (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Once Dudley is rescued from the SPCA, their man/dog bromance brings together one’s peculiar appreciation for seemingly obscure details with the other’s supremely talented schnoz. Their warehouse loft neighbors-a sharp-tongued beautiful blonde named E.D. (who has no interest in Careless, but not for a lack of trying on his part) and Sarge (a stammering throwback from the ’60s)-join the pair when road-raged, redneck friend, Birk, learns of a mystery involving their favorite country western singer.

Against the backdrop of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Careless continues to be thoroughly slobbered on by day and spooned every night by the large hound dog (not that there’s anything wrong with that either). Careless, is a fictional character concocted by Dudley, the hound dog, who swears the story is true,…well, mostly true.


“Mr. Careless, what did you say Dudley’s middle initial of S stood for?” the young man asked. I just looked at him and replied, “Steamroller!”

I finally mustered up enough strength and wiggled my way out of Dudley’s kung fu grip.

I don’t really know how anyone feels about our solar system but I am of the firm belief that the name of the planet, Uranus, is just not utilized enough in every day conversation.