The Dudley Files Adventure Books

Sophie Ann & Harper Marie

For double the fun, Dudley keeps criminals on the run!

-Sophie Ann & Harper Marie


When people need help, Dudley makes criminals yelp!


  Dudley takes a real bite out of crime. Criminals beware!


V__CFBBAfter a ruff day, I curl up with The Dudley Files every night in my dog bed.


This is a tail of intrigue and mystery. You will love it!


As you can see, I have a real nose for talent. Dudley is amazing!


Look out perps, you’ll take a licking from Dudley!

– Medina

Sometimes I like to paws for a moment and read The Dudley Files.


Great News! Dudley has just informed me that his new doggie mystery novel is almost complete and will be going into editing soon. He told me in this book, he will be making several fun-filled road trips. Stay tuned.

K-9 b

Dudley says his frIEnd in need will be your friend indeed. Go to Dudley’s link page for K-9 Angels Rescue for these cuties.
Sergeant Rex and his friend, Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey
China GardenThe Dudley Files IS Now At China Garden – Home Of Houston’s Best Eggrolls & Lemon Chicken!
CIMG0677The weather outside is frightful. Curl up with Cuddly Dudley – He’s Delightful!